2Line Optical Wall Outlet OWO plus

Customer line termination ZC-H

Optical wall outlet box for realization of the optical line termination for outdoor or indoor area for buildings and participants. Robust and stackable plastic housing for all features and function for a professional transfer and termination point of an FTTx Network


Dimensions: HxWxD[mm]: 300x194x64

Tests/Standards: Impact resistance class IP54 (for internal adapters); Impact resistance class IP20 (for external adapters); Fire resistance class UL94 V-0


Features: Accommodates max. 12 adapters; Storage capacity of 12x SC pigtails or 12x E2000 pigtails or 24x LC pigtails; Storage of up to 72 splices in a single or multiple fiber management system; Possible use of splitters

Article Code: 2Line OWO plus

Brand: ZweiCom-Hauff GmbH



ZweiCom-Hauff GmbH

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